Strategic Consulting and Resourcing Solutions specialise in the following areas:

  • Online training and platform development, hosting & management. We can develop and host your own full online Learning Management System (Moodle) and help you to develop and customise your training material, and publish it online for your staff or public use. The platform will allow you to assign training programmes to staff as required, and to maintain and manage your own corporate learning effectively and efficiently, with considerable savings and national/global reach. Alternatively, you can host your training courses on one of our existing platforms which we will manage and maintain for you.
  • Professional development & training solutions. We can support your staff development processes and practices partially or fully. We have expertise in a wide variety of services, including course development, training facilitation, development of training materials and assessment of learning.
  • Custom web platform development for Business specific functions, such as event management, or even full e-commerce solutions to sell your products globally.
  • Web development and digital marketing solutions: (web design & development, SEO, graphic design, branding, mobile apps, etc.)
  • Provision of e-learning: large collection of e-learning courses available to upskill your staff.
  • Magazines and publications. Commercial or corporate magazine publications - e-magazines and/or in printed format. We will use your content and produce and publish your magazine/s for you. 
  • Courseware content development and publication: as e-learning and/or in printed format. We can use your own or we will provide and/or develop the content.
  • Custom online testing and assessment: affordable and quick, effective testing online to help determine which learning programmes are most suitable to enroll your employees. Custom tests are developed for specific learning units & courses - delivered and taken online by candidates.
  • Academic programme development & accreditation (higher education qualifications). We have extensive experience in this area and an accreditation success rate of 94%. Depending on your specific needs, we can assist you with the design and development of your HE qualifications, provide full support throughout the application and submission to CHE & SAQA, and/or conduct workshops with your staff to guide them through any part of the process.
  • Higher education management consulting. We can support or guide your processes for effective institutional governance

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