The SCRS Group has been operational since 2005 and consists of several small brands, taking on both small and large projects, often in collaboration with our large national network of business partners and industry experts in:

  • Online training and platform development, management and maintenance:
    • Develop, manage & maintain online Learning Management Systems
    • develop and customise training material
    • convert existing contact training material to eLearning
    • host eLearning online for organisational or public/commercial use
  • Provision of courseware: printed and/or eLearning format (large collection of e-learning courses available for professional development)
  • Customisation of courseware and training courses
  • Professional development & training solutions for staff development processes and practices.
  • Web development and digital marketing solutions
  • Academic programme development & accreditation support: (higher education qualifications). We have considerable expertise in this area with a very high accreditation success rate.

SCRS specialises in two disciplines: information technology and education. Our main area of focus is the development, customisation and digital marketing of web platforms, including corporate and commercial Moodle online platforms. Our specific areas of strength and expertise relevant to online Learning Management Systems (LMS) include:

  • More than 20 years of technical expertise with platform development and customisation
  • Expert technical platform support
  • E-learning development and design - large existing portfolio of managed and hosted domains
  • Large existing library of e-learning available

We view our clients as partners and work in close collaboration with them in most projects. Their success is our success; therefore, we view their business as our business.


We are always open to discuss partnership proposals in any area that we can support or add value. Contact us to discuss opportunities to work together in any of the following areas:

  • Course developers – if you develop courses or have course material and own the copyright, we may be able to convert that into eLearning and market it and sell it for you online on several of our platforms for a share of the sales.
  • Learning Management Systems
  • eLearning development
  • Courseware (printed or as eLearning)
  • New ventures (training and development)
  • Platform and training only: Some clients simply want a platform developed and branded, and the training on how to use it (add and manage courses/course materials online) for a fixed fee; or,
  • We work in partnership: we set up, brand, manage and maintain the platform, courses and material at minimal cost to you. We support you in creating and loading courses online, and do the marketing and digital marketing together with you, but take a percentage of the sales generated on the platform.  
  • If you only have a few courses that you want sell or make available to staff without owning a platform, we can host your courses on one of our existing platforms.
  • We can even populate your LMS with a selection of courses on a rental basis (we have a huge range of courses available for this purpose), depending on your needs. We will also share our e-learning expertise with you to enable you to convert your existing paper-based training material to effective and engaging e-learning, published and offered on your own online platform. 

Contact us to explore ways in which we can work together. 


Courseware and training materials:  

We have a large collection of more than 200 courses for contact training or online learning. We can provide full sets of professionally printed, custom branded course material for contact training, or supplement your existing online course material with our large library of courseware. Our courseware can be provided with instructor manuals, branded PowerPoints, exercises and assessments. Course material can be fully customised for your specific purpose.

Download the latest catalogue here... 


Custom web platform development  

The following services and solutions are available: 

  • Web development and digital marketing solutions: Web design & development, SEO, graphic design, branding, mobile apps, etc. 
  • Magazines and publications: Commercial or corporate magazine publications - e-magazines and/or in printed format. We will use your content and produce and publish your magazine/s for you.  
  • Custom online testing and assessment: Affordable and quick, effective testing online to help determine which learning programmes are most suitable to enrol your employees. Custom tests are developed for specific learning units & courses - delivered and taken online by candidates.


Academic programme development & accreditation: 

Higher Education qualifications:

We have considerable expertise in this area and an excellent accreditation success rate. Depending on your specific needs, we can assist you with the design and development of your HE qualifications, provide full support throughout the application and submission processes.

Learning Management Systems

Irrespective of the type of training offered, or the scale at which training and development happens at your organisation, an LMS provides considerable benefits over traditional contact training. An LMS offers the flexibility to allow your students to engage with part or all their learning online. It also enriches the learning experience for contact classes through media rich blended learning allowing students to interact with learning activities as a group or individually, as part of the contact session.  

Having all your training and development material online as a single central source, allows multiple teachers, facilitators, developers and managers to maintain and continuously improve the material and learning elements from anywhere. Similarly, there is less need for students to travel for training and development. Logistically, these benefits translate to accelerated development and implementation of learning, often at enormous cost savings. In organisations, students can learn anytime and there is less need to stop production for dedicated training workshops. 

An LMS allows organisations to receive a return on investments made in the development of training materials by offering it, or parts of it, commercially online, globally. Many topics or full courses may be suitable to be offered as self-study, and the inclusion of a payment gateway in an LMS may allow the public to enrol online and participate in some or all the courses, providing a source of income as a return on investment.  

SETA accredited courses may be offered partly as eLearning to save time and costs. When the learner has successfully completed the online part of the course, an appointment is made to arrange for any practical and/or final assessment required for certification. 

SCRS offers the following services and opportunities: 

  • Development, hosting, management and maintenance of full online Learning Management Systems
  • Support and assist you to:
    • develop and customise your training material,
    • convert your existing contact training material to eLearning,
    • publish it online for your staff or public/commercial use.
  • Assign training programmes to staff as required (teachers, students, managers, etc),
  • Manage and maintain corporate or commercial learning effectively and efficiently with considerable savings and national/global reach,
  • Alternatively, host your training courses on one of our existing platforms which we already manage and maintain. 

Contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements.